How to turn on and off a microphone on an iPhone | How to turn microphone iphone

The iPhone has been the most famous smartphone compared to other smart devices. The device combines a computer, iPod, digital camera and cellular phone. 

The specialty of the phone is that it runs on the iOS operating system. The camera of the phone has no comments to be expressed as it clicks the best moments. In the case of recording, any interview or podcast or other music would lessen its sound quality. Overall, the microphone on iPhone is very good. 

How to turn microphone iphone

As there are few people who face issues while switching on and off the mic in Apple iPhones, here we are going to discuss the solution step-by-step. So, let’s proceed.


Turn on the iPhone microphone

Apple provides unique features in their designed phones. The systems are quite different from the android phones but safer and more secure. The process for turning the microphone on is as follows,

Step 1: Switch on your Apple iPhone or make sure that your iPhone is switched on and working properly. Then go to the menu or the search bar and proceed to ‘Settings’. Open the settings option.

Step 2: You will get open a drop-down list of several options. Scroll down slowly, and you will get to see ‘Privacy’. A white hand symbolizes the option. Tap on the option.

 Step 3: Another list will be opened, and you have to scroll down to see another option, ‘Microphone’, in the list. Then press the button of the microphone on iPhone.

Step 4: A list will open where you will see the names of the apps and tools used to turn on the mic. Then permit the microphone to be enabled by toggling on the button one by one to green on your iPhone.

Short cut: Menu–Settings–Privacy–Microphone–toggle the button on to permit the apps.

Turn off the iPhone microphone

Turning off the microphone on iPhone is quite similar to turn on. Turning off the microphone might not be known to people who are using the phone for the first time. At that very moment, they may feel helpless. So, for them, the methods are here,

Step 1: Go to the main menu and search for ‘Settings’.

Step 2: Open the settings, and there you will see the ‘Privacy’ option. Then tap on the said option to open.

Step 3: ‘Microphone’ will be visible while scrolling the screen downwards. Then press the option.

Step 4: Stop sharing permission to other applications like Instagram, Messenger, YouTube, etc. y turning the green buttons off. Thus, your iPhone mic will be disabled.

Short cut: Menu–Settings–Privacy–Microphone–toggle off the permissions.

Finale touch

The Apple iPhone comes with various programs and options to deal with the features properly. It is made in such a way that it executes its role in making it easy for the customers to form out. In order to enable or disable the correct form of executing the microphone on iPhone is, going through the said methods. Sometimes it gets very confusing how to switch on and off the mic as it is required to be at that moment. This article is to lead you when you really need it. Besides, you can get directions directly from Google or Apple itself. Just visit their website and try to reach their customer care executives. They will definably not disappoint you ever.

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