How to download music for iPhone

Music is something that enchants the mind. It refreshes our souls. However, listening to music no longer requires a gramophone or heavy sound system like in the old days. We can listen to music even on our smart mobile phones. When it comes to iPhones, the technique might be quite different to get the music in your phones.

Here we will discuss the processes that can give a fair idea about how to download music for iPhone. Dear friend, if you are also looking for the same, keep reading the article, and you might get proper guidance.

Music in iPhone

Apple does not entertain customers by providing inbuild music applications or songs on their smartphones. So, if you are an iPhone user, you may have to catch the songs from other sources. It means you have to download the songs from external sources. Technically, the music quality provided by Apple is good and mostly different from the other smartphones.

The device offers high-tech tools to play the music that makes the song or tune unique and enjoyable. When you use earphones by apple (Air pods) itself, it adds extra perfection and comfort to your ears.

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Apple Music

Before you rush through how to download music for iPhone, apart from downloading from other external sources, you can also enjoy high-quality songs or music from Apple Music. It is correct that Apple does not provide music on their devices, but they have made an option for you to enjoy ultimate music. You are directed to activate your Apple account and subscribe to the ‘Apple Music application that is built into the device. There you will get more than 100 million songs in all languages.

It is a paid subscription that you have to take over, and the packages start from Rs.49 to Rs.149. You also can enjoy a free trial for a certain period. Mainly, you can connect other devices with Apple Music if you carry the subscription.

How to download music for iPhone

Several ways clarify how to download music for iPhone. As we mentioned earlier, if you have subscriptions to Apple Music or iTunes, they will allow you to download music on your iPhone in just with few steps. Otherwise, you can download it with third-party applications like Spotify and Tidal. Etc. You may also get music downloaded to your iPhone by transferring it from your PC. Here we will see the process step by step.

Download music by Apple Music:

You can download songs from Apple Music if you have a subscription. Relevantly, you need to keep your internet switched on while downloading the songs, and after that, you can enjoy offline music on your iPhone.

Step 1) Switch on your iPhone and open the ‘Apple Music’ application.

Step 2) Search for the music or song you want to download. Tap on the screen, and you will see the search bar at the top of the screen. Tap there and type the name of the song or the artist. Make sure that the ‘Apple Music’ option is selected while searching.

Download music by Apple Music

Step 3) Tap on the ‘Add+’ sign on the right of the song, which means you want to add the music to your offline library.

Step 4) The music will start downloading to your iPhone library. If you find a cloud sign instead of the ‘Add +’, tap on that. It will trigger the downloading, which is how to download music for iPhone from Apple Music.

Download music from your PC

If your computer’s hard drive has a music library, you transfer songs using iTunes (on windows) or Apple Music (on Mac) to copy the songs. Make sure that you have the iCloud music library switched off before proceeding.

Step 1) Activate iTunes on your windows or Apple Music on your mac system.

Step 2) Import songs from your computer’s hard drive to Apple Music or iTunes. Tap on the “File” option, and click “Add folder to library”. In fact, instead of this, you may get to see “Import” too. Then click on it.

Step 3) Select a music folder on your PC and import it into Apple Music or iTunes. Repeating the same, you can add more music folders to iTunes or Apple music.

Step 4) Connect your computer to the apple iPhone.

Step 5) On your computer, “Devices” will appear on the left, and you will notice your iPhone’s name. Then click it.

Step 6: If you are going with your Mac, tap on “Sync settings” on the right side. In iTunes, click “Music” visible on the left side.

Step 7: You have to select how you want to sync. Tap on “Sync music” and select music accordingly. Then tap on “Sync” and wait for the music to be transferred to your iPhone.

Download music from your PC

Step 8: After the synchronization, click “Eject” to disconnect your device from the computer.


If you are an iPhone user, you can enjoy uninterrupted music on your device, even offline. But getting offline music takes work. So, if you are using the iPhone for the first time, remember that this is how to download music for the iPhone.

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