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Telecommunications Consulting...

The changing definition of what was once the exclusive domain of voice OR data communications has brought telecommunications to, perhaps its most exciting point in its hundred year history.

Technology boundaries have all but been eliminated; voice AND data continue to merge, thanks to the near global acceptance of the internet, and of packet-switching as a more efficient means of transport.

Silos that have, in the past, separated the diciplines of voice communications from data are being torn down; boundaries are shifting as telecom carriers expand into media, entertainment, and other areas. Institutional boundaries are changing as what was once divested, now appears to be recombining… resulting in new alliances, new “Telephone Companies,” and new, capability-rich service alternatives.

The advent of VoIP has allowed organizations, across a range of industries to compete for revenues and profits previously thought to be the exclusive territory of Telecommunications services giants.

Businesses of all sizes, including the small business organization are beginning to position themselves to benefit. The VoIP market place is expected to grow by more than 70% during 2008. But who will lead the SMB Business owner through this increasingly complex and exciting environment? Who will supply answers to questions like...

  • Which vendor? and What services?
  • Should I manage my network, or outsource it to a service provider?
  • What are the hard costs, the cost of capital investment?
  • What are the quantifiable benefits – beyond monthly expense reduction ?
  • What risks are involved?
  • Where do I go for guidance?

This is where NetLink Technologies can help. With more than 30 years of Telecommunications, Networking, and Data Communications experience within the SMB Business sector; combined with extensive knowledge and access to current service offerings of more than 60 carriers, internet service providers, and other IP services organizations – NetLink enjoys the unique position of being able to help other small businesses sort through the increasing complexity of telecommunications services, alternatives, and pricing… and at a fraction of the costs of attempting to do it yourself.

Contact NetLink Technologies today, at (765) 742-2420, extension 203.

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